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Tree Surgery in South Devon

We offer a range of services to the South Devon area. From tree removal & site clearance, to planting & after care, look no further than South Hams Arborists for all your tree surgery needs.

Tree Surgery
throughout South Devon

If you are looking for tree surgery in the South Devon area then you are in the right place! We are a professionally qualified, highly experienced, fully insured business that uses the very latest in machinery and equipment, meaning that the customer can put their trust in us! All of our tree removal work is carried out to British standards:3998 (2010) by qualified and insured Arborists with up to £5,000,000 public liability cover.

Tree Removal

The complete removal of a tree in a safe and controlled manner. This could be achieved by felling or a sectional, aerial dismantling depending on the situation.

Crown Raising

The removal of the lowest branches to allow better access under the tree. It often lets more light into a garden or house

Crown Thin

A reduction in the overall number of branches to allow more light and wind to pass through the tree. It can also be done for aesthetic reasons as some species create very dense crowns

Crown Reduction

A reduction in the overall size of the canopy or a particular branch. It can also be done to reshape the canopy of the tree, or move dangerous branches away from a building or object.


Species such as Limes, Planes or Willows can be heavily reduced down to stem which promotes vigorous new growth. Pollarding needs to be carried out on a regular cycle (2-5 years).

Deadwood Removal

The removal of all substantial deadwood from a tree to prevent it from falling and causing injury to people or property


The establishment and aftercare of new trees. Each location and specification is different so please contact us for more details. We can carry out singular or multiple tree plantings and if required, provide aftercare for up to five years.

Site Clearance

Removal of all trees and vegetation from an area, to enable redevelopment or the establishment of a different tree species.


So if you should have any questions, queries or issues regarding trees, please do not hesitate to contact us. We always offer a free, no obligation site visit and written quote.

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