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Woodland Management Across South Devon

Whether you own private woodland or are looking for someone to maintain and care for commercial woodland, South Hams Arborists offers a vast range of woodland management services across the Devon area.

Woodland Care Services
throughout South Devon

woodland management devon

Woodland Management

South Hams Arborists offer a vast woodland management service; from initial planning, planting, after care and woodland maintenance such as thinning or creating glades, right down to the final timber felling and extraction of commercial plantations.  There are various reasons why woodland management is so important:

  • Woodlands are an important wildlife habitat
  • They are landscape features providing a setting for recreation
  • They absorb dust, noise, pollution and the greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide
  • They provide shelter for livestock, buildings, land and people
  • They provide sustainable timber production
  • They enhance property values
  • They provide income from sporting interests

If you are already the owner of a patch of woodland, or even thinking about purchasing one, please get in touch with us.  We would be more then happy to have a chat about all aspects of woodland management, and how we could help you!

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